Free Score

Below is a PDF of my composition Variations on a Theme of Beethoven (Homage to Fernando Sor) from my first CD Pieces of Mind. Here I have taken Sor's Opus 9 Mozart Variations as a template and composed a piece using classical harmony that follows the form of Sor's piece exactly, however using the theme Ode an die Freude from Beethovens's 9th Symphony. You may notice a very brief quote of Sor in the first few notes of the theme. You can listen to a recording of it on Apple MusicSpotifyYoutubeAmazon Music...

Free Printable Staff Paper

Here you can download free PDFs of blank staff paper and blank TAB paper:

Finale Guitar Template


To use my Finale guitar template, please first save it to your computer. Then open Finale and in the Launch Window click Templates, find Rossi's Guitar Template in the location where you have saved it, click Open and follow the instructions in the Document Setup Wizard. Alternatively with Finale aleady open click File-->New-->Document From Template and select Rossi's Guitar Template from the location where you have saved it. This template has been made with Finale Version 26.

The Articulation Tool includes all the left and right hand fingering. The Expression Tool includes symbols for barre, string numbers, position and strumming. Enjoy!